Team Weightless

Frustrated by fads and yo-yo dieting?

Tired of saying you are going to do it this time, but then gaining the weight back once again?

If you answered yes, then Team Weightless is for YOU!

Team Weightless is a Six Month, Small Group Behavior Modification Program offering GUARANTEED results!

Your Team Weightless Journey Includes:

  • Team Weightless T-Shirt
  • Initial Comprehensive Nutrition and Fitness Assessment
  • Body Fat Percentage Test
  • Customized Meal Plan
  • Customized Workout Plan
  • Personalized Online and Mobile Tracking App with Grocery List
  • Weekly Small Group Accountability Class
  • Team Entry Fee for a local 5K

Affordable one time fee of $299 or $49 per month.


If you participate fully in the Team Weightless program and do not lose weight, we will refund your money.

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